Why do I do what I do

Sun 21 Jan 2024 10:09:24 PM EET

We live in a chaotic time right now. All over the world there are local and global conflicts being fought. Major health crises turn into epidemics, pandemics. The computer (a.k.a. the machine) is slowly replacing humans doing their jobs. Rockets are flying into space at a crazy rate.

Surrounding us are both danger, and the greatest of opportunities mankind has seen up to now. What does one do in such a dynamic and perilous environment?

I believe the answer is, and has always been, threefold:

  1. try to survive (as long as possible)
  2. be creative (and solve problems)
  3. enjoy life (so you don’t regret it later)

For some time now, these three principles have been the guiding force behind everything I do.